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Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is a private, non-profit university in Los Angeles County, California. Pepperdine University’s Communication Division includes Journalism and Media Production majors, which produces multiple weekly NewsWaves and Good Morning Malibu newscasts, as well as

hundreds of hours of video and other editorial content. Their largest target audience is the entire Pepperdine Community, including faculty, students, administration, alumni and friends of Pepperdine.

The Challenge

Pepperdine University produces award winning student newscasts, and a wide variety of other award winning multi-platform content. They wanted to adopt an intuitive and modern newsroom system platform to manage these student generated newscasts and other content, but to do this they knew they would need a tool for true multimodal storytelling – from start to finish. “At Pepperdine, we believe that storytelling is the most common and effective way of conveying from one person or group to another,” said Bill Dawson, Chief Engineer at Pepperdine University.

The Solution

With Inception, Pepperdine is now using one common platform and one interface, and they can fully manage all newscasts and other social media content aggregation from approval to publication.

Not only is Inception easy to use, Pepperdine can access it from anywhere, and they have improved studio and social media content management overall. “Not only has Inception helped us better manage story creation, assignment workflow, studio productions and social media content, but the Ross Inception team went out of their way to partner with other organizations to facilitate an entire on- campus weekend professional development and monitoring session for Pepperdine students,” continued Bill. “The team at Ross fully supports multimedia production education and multi-media production educators.”

The Result

“Inception was a logical step forward for our program. The team at Ross Video offered a compelling opportunity with educational pricing to on from our original newsroom system. We are very, very pleased with our move,” concluded Bill.

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