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From simple studios to large outdoor displays, Ross can help you engage with viewers through the most visually impressive large video displays.

With real-time motion graphic systems, video image processors, intuitive media playout solutions, enterprise scheduling, remote monitoring, and in-house LED manufacturing capability, we offer a full solution.

Video Image Processors

Every Carbonite Production Switcher is equipped with canvas mode to support getting high-quality video onto your large-screen display quickly and easily. If that doesn’t do the trick, we have the purpose-built Carbonite Mosaic video compositing tool that takes large displays beyond what a standard Carbonite can do.

Real-Time Motion Graphics

XPression Tessera brings beautiful graphics to massive display canvases. Tessera is great for complementing your high-quality upscaled video from Carbonite or lighting up your large studio, stage, or stadium displays with awe-inspiring graphics for an exciting viewer experience.

Kiva Presentation Server

Kiva Presentation Video Servers offer highly intuitive, user-driven digital media playout solutions built for the high-speed, high-stakes demands of live event production. With Kiva, you can quickly and easily present media to your displays.


End to End Solution

For sports venues, corporate applications, retail, worship production, esports, and more, we can help you deliver engaging video experiences for any type of audience.


Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

  • Indoor / Outdoor Solutions
  • Fixed install / Touring Grade
  • .9mm > 16mm Pixel Pitch
  • Various Cabinet Sizes
  • SMD / Mini LED / X-GOB Technology


LED Controller

  • AEP / AEP Pro
  • 20 / 40 Million Pixels per unit
  • Framebuffer up to 4096×2160
  • FPS 60 / 120
  • 16 Bit color Depth
  • 10 Gig IP Link


LED Controller & Playback

  • Resolutions up to 100 Million Pixels per unit
  • Framebuffer 32k x 32k
  • All Features of AEP / AEP Pro
  • Integrated Content playback
  • Live inputs with scaling
  • SDI / NDI / ST-2110
  • openGL Shaders, HTML 5 interfacing, API
  • Lighting Pixel Mapping through Art-Net


Remote Power Supply

  • Rack mount power solution
  • Controllable & Monitorable DC power units
  • Redundant power solution
  • 97% efficiency
  • 10 gauge plenum Speaker wire
  • 24v & 48v versions


Control & Monitoring

  • Local and Enterprise solutions
  • Web based software
  • Full display control & monitoring
  • Content management and scheduling
  • Host D3 Eplayer
  • Ties into TrueWatch for 24/7 diagnostic alerts and monitoring

XPression Tessera

Video Image Processor

  • Large canvas Live production Graphics system
  • Real time rendering• Dynamic graphics
  • Fill / Key for live keying
  • Rosstalk and Native API integration to Dashboard
  • HDR capable
  • Pairs with Carbonite Mosaic

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Featured Case Study

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Inspired by the Roman Pantheon, Mercedes-Benz Stadium (MBS) in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, is a multi-purpose sports venue featuring a signature 360-degree Halo videoboard.

As the defining feature of the $1.6 billion venue, the grandeur of the Halo board leaves spectators and fans alike with the feeling that MBS is one of the preeminent cathedrals of sports around the world.

To solve the challenge of driving pixel-accurate content to the Halo board and the Mega Column, Ross Video created XPression Tessera – a multi-display real-time graphics designer and controller. Built specifically for this unique project and meticulously tested at an offsite lab in the years leading up to the venue’s opening, Tessera enables content producers at MBS to scale video across multiple XPression outputs in real-time and synchronizes these outputs with each other to populate the massive video walls.

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