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Worship Production Tutorials – Introduction

The videos in the Worship Production tutorial series will walk you through creating a…


Creating a Mockup of your Panel

Learn how to go from a mockup or a sketch to a DashBoard Panel….


Controlling a Graphite or Carbonite

Carbonite and Graphite switchers can be controlled via their own panels in DashBoard. But…


Adding NDI Feeds to your Panel

NDI is a way of streaming video over a network. With an NDI streaming…


Adding Clocks to your Panel

Having a display of different times is handy to have in a panel. Timers…


Making Context Sensitive Panels

Fitting all the controls for all your devices in one panel often requires the…


Controlling Cameras

PivotCams are PTZ cameras that can easily be controlled from withing DashBoard. This video…


Controlling 3rd Party Devices

In a production facility, there are many devices that can be controlled over a…


Creating Widgets

If you are controlling many of the same type of equipment, it is often…


Creating Rundowns

Controlling many pieces of equipment at the same time during a production can be…


Locking Panel Components

There are times where you want to lock parts of your panels, so that…


Styling Tips

This video will provide a series of tips on how to make your panels…

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