Studio Robotic Camera Systems

At a Glance

Ross Video has the most complete studio robotics offering available, whether you are looking for the unparalleled smoothness of a track-based system, the unbeatable flexibility of a free-roaming pedestal, or the simple efficiency of a standalone pan & tilt head.

All Ross robotic systems are designed, developed, and manufactured in-house, using state-of-the-art technologies that provide industry-leading accuracy, precision, and payload capacity.

Improve Your Look

Deliver more compelling productions with superior tools and technologies that make your productions come to life and help capture and hold your audience’s attention. Get creative by utilizing the best equipment for your environment with a track-based dolly, free-roaming pedestal, or standalone pan & tilt head options.

Automate Productions

Dramatically increase production efficiency, while delivering superior quality and consistency with accurate and repeatable robotic recalls, assisted by AI-based control algorithms. Integrate with Ross OverDrive, or other third-party automated production control systems, to fully realize the benefits of studio automation.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Rely on accurate and repeatable tracking data from our integrated absolute tracking systems. Seamlessly combine forces with Ross Voyager to create stunningly realistic Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality, or integrate with an existing third-party render engine.

Introducing Artimo – the ultimate free roaming robotic camera system

Designed to meet the demands of modern broadcast and production environments, Artimo redefines flexibility, creativity, and practicality in any studio setting.

Moving smoothly across virtually any floor surface, Artimo offers quiet, fast, programmable shots without fixed rails or markers. Its unique elevation system supports a wide range of camera heights and a full broadcast payload.


Pan & Tilt Heads

With a wide range of pan and tilt heads, Ross Robotics has a model suitable for just about any application, from extremely large payloads of up to 90 kgs (200 lbs) to ultra-quiet, compact heads that are perfect for mounting in smaller studios where space is at a premium; all with industry-leading pan and tilt speeds. In addition to fully robotic heads, Ross also offers the VRzero encoder interface module packaged with Cartoni encoded manual fluid heads to provide accurate virtual tracking data for manually operated cameras.

BlackBird Elevation Systems

The Ross family of BlackBird PTL (Pan/Tilt/Lift) Pedestals combine robotic elevation with a pan and tilt head for cameras that are typically left in the same floor position for the duration of a show.

Furio+ Floor-Mounted Rail System

With the ability to produce silky smooth, sweeping on-air dolly shots, which can then be precisely repeated over and over again at the push of a button, Furio+ allows broadcasters to create more dynamic looks – while also delivering higher quality, infinite repeatability, and lower operating costs.

Furio SkyDolly Ceiling-Mounted Rail System

SkyDolly leverages Furio’s industry-leading technologies to unleash the creative potential of ceiling-mounted cameras.

Artimo Free-Roaming Pedestal

Artimo is a revolutionary full-motion camera robotics system that can produce breathtaking beauty shots while carrying a complete broadcast payload.

CamBot Robotic Pedestals

The CamBot family of free-roaming XY pedestals offers three distinct choices to suit a wide variety of studio layouts and budgets.

Studio Robotic Control Systems

Whether you have Furio+ dollies, free-roaming CamBot pedestals, PT heads or PTL pedestals, all of your Ross robotic systems can be controlled by a common control system using a centralized Ethernet-based architecture.

Ross Robotics U

A place for online self-directed learning of the Ross Robotics Camera Systems.

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