Ross Services

Ross Production Services

With our fleet of cost-effective, full service, remote-production vehicles, Ross Production Services (RPS) delivers consistent, high-quality video and audio content of sports and other live events. We ensure a predictable production experience and outstanding results—all the time, every time.

Rocket Surgery Ross Creative & Professional Services

For XPression and Voyager customers in video, broadcast, and venue production, Rocket Surgery offers unmatched design, workflow, and data integration expertise because having Ross Video as our parent company gives us exclusive insight, input, and influence into its advanced systems.


Spidercam broadcast-quality robotic camera solutions are suspended from a cable-driven system to provide exceptional and immersive video.

Training & Commissioning

Ross offers three onsite services: Commissioning, Operational Training, and Technical Training. Commissioning involves Ross technical experts assisting in setting up and configuring Ross equipment. Operational Training is led by trainers who understand tele-production environments and can maximize the use of Ross products. Technical Training involves Ross technical staff traveling to your site to train your technical staff in configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Ross equipment with customizable courses.

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