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Level Up Your Broadcast

Connect with your gaming community on a deeper level through the widest range of powerful and easy-to-use broadcast production tools. Our tailored workflows for esports allow producers to focus on what really matters – creating unforgettable moments for gamers and fans alike.

Venue Production

From extensive control room hardware to LED content management systems to venue control software, Ross products are tightly integrated so esports producers can have limitless control options for their arena or studio spaces.

Remote Production

Manage your esports event or stream from any location through the Ross Production Cloud. Producers can deliver high-quality content remotely by tapping into the same technology that drives the most demanding arena shows on the planet.

Hybrid Production

For growing esports productions, seamlessly combine both on-premises and cloud technology from multiple facilities and with multiple remote operators through the power of our RossTalk protocol and DashBoard control software.


Esport Solutions

Ross products are tightly integrated using our proprietary RossTalk control protocol, which offers limitless control options for your event. No matter the size of the control space, Ross can fit the needs of any sized tournament.

Observer Room is a critical component of any esports event. By using our industry-leading tools such as our award-winning Ultrix Router, the Carbonite line of production switchers, and our fully customizable DashBoard control interface, Ross offers the most cost-effective and efficient Observer Room Workflow in the industry.

XPression Tessera adds the ability to create limitless virtual canvases within the XPression platform to drive any LED display resolution pixel-accurately with pre-rendered and real-time rendered 3D graphics. From hype tunnels to oversized LED walls, Tessera is now being used by the largest esports venues in the world.

DashBoard control software allows for complete and total control of any esports venue. By programming custom DashBoard panels to trigger limitless devices, it becomes simple to control your entire facility and your stream with precise event timing.

End to End Solution

Explore our end-to-end broadcast solution for esports workflows or work with our team to create a custom design that is best suited to your game.

Product Line-up


Scalable Routing Platform

  • SDI / IP / Fiber Routing
  • Full MADI Audio integration
  • Optional 3G & UHD Frame Syncs
  • Clean / Quiet Switch on every output
  • Integrated MultiViewers with up to 100 PIPs per Head


Control and Monitor all Ross Gear

  • Runs on any PC on the network
  • Build easy to use Touch Screen based custom workflows for any operator
  • Ross Purchased Panels for robust turnkey applications


Real time 3D render Engine

  • Insert Graphics
  • Multi-Engine Canvas
  • Live Telestrator
  • Quick recall of Data backed Graphics


Live Unreal Engine for Broadcast use

  • Full Augmented Reality, Virtual sets & Extended Reality
  • Drive Large LED Displays with Display
  • Paired with Tracking data and Lucid Virtual control system

Acuity | Carbonite

Acuity | Carbonite


  • Large l/O and up to 8 ME’s
  • Superior Device control & Automation
  • Supports up to 9 panels per Frame


  • Mosaic: Large screen Display processor
  • Ultra: Mid size Software defined production switcher


Robust Server Architecture

  • Lightning fast clip recalls
  • Easy to use Replay interface with no Mouse clicks
  • Advanced Playlist support
  • Multi-User configurations
  • Fully configurable Bi-directional Channels
  • Direct integration with Piero for better, and faster analytics


3D Data Visualization Tools for in-depth replay analysis

  • Seamless integration with Mira+
  • Touch and iPad integration for Talent use
  • Wide range of visual effects complete with easy to incorporate branding and sponsorship opportunities

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Confetti X Esports Complex

Designing an esports production complex that provides students with first-hand experience using broadcast technology requires a proven & easy-to-use solution.

Learn about how the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies partnered with Ross to create Confetti X – a globally leading esports production hub and educational institution.

“Designing an esports production turn-key solution comes with many challenges. What we discovered worked really well was engaging with the Ross Video team to provide us with on-site trainining so we had enough hands-on time with the tech to come up with solutions that are unique to our space” Gin Rai Head of Esports – Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies

Featured Case Studies

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