Production Switchers

Control Panels

Giving you the Freedom to Create

Truly great production switchers require two key components: a suite of powerful routing, layering and transition tools, and a control surface that enhances a skillful operator’s ability to leverage those tools to create visually compelling effects.

At Ross Video, elegant and efficient switcher control systems have always been at the forefront of our design philosophy. From Acuity to TouchDrive there is a control surface that will maximize an operator’s ability to produce eye-catching effects that help tell the best stories.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence means that users have the freedom to choose the console best suited to their particular workflow requirements.

Acuity Control Panels

The fully modular Acuity-series Control Panels represent the ultimate in “big-switcher” control and management. Acuity panels provide an extensive on-panel array of source selection and resource control buttons and are available with matching “back-splash” Auxiliary bus control panels.

  • Acuity Control Panels are compatible with the entire line of Acuity and Ultrix Acuity products

TouchDrive™ Control Panels

TouchDrive™ production control panels provide unprecedented efficiency and ease of use. The high-res, touch-enabled LCD displays on the panel provide an unmatched level of system control and allow operators to quickly and easily modify effects, bus maps, and more.

  • The stunning TouchDrive control surfaces can be paired with Ultrix Acuity, Ultrix Carbonite, Carbonite Black Plus, Carbonite Ultra 60, Carbonite Ultra or any Graphite all-in-one platform.


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