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Master your channel playout with the Ross Master Control solution. It provides a rich set of tools that integrate into a seamless workflow, offering reliability, flexibility, and scalability. This comprehensive set of products allows you to deliver content to your audience without compromise. Ross provides tools to define your brand and protect your revenue stream – from content creation and playout to securing your content and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Flexible Workflow

Single-Channel Master Control

The system is easy-to-deploy solution for single-channel applications. Build the system you need today, with room for expansion in the future.

Multi-Channel Master Control

Common control interfaces make it easy to manage multiple playout channels, branding, and master control from a single workstation. When you need to grow, it is easy to expand the solution without losing existing investments and workflows.

Downstream Content Insertion

Solutions are cost-effective, reliable, and easily deployed in situations where simple channel branding or emergency alert system insertion are required. This is ideal for localized network pass-through, simulcast, or augmenting existing master control and playout systems.

End to End Solution

Product Line-up


Master Control Switcher

  • SD/HD/3G/UHD Master Control Switcher
  • Presmaster Protocol
  • 2x External Keyers
  • 1x 2D DVE for Squeeze Back
  • EAS Insertion
  • openGear Card
  • Dashboard controlled

Media I/O

Ingest & Playout

  • Multi-Channel Playout
  • Live Ingest
  • Scheduling

Air Cleaner 2

Live Event Protection Delay

  • Live Event Production Delay
  • Video & Audio Support
  • HD/3G/UHD
  • SDI or ST-2110
  • Up to 2 user stations
  • Physical push button
  • DashBoard Controlled

XPression Tick-It

Ticker & Branding

  • Browser-based Access
  • Traffic Integration
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Multi-Channel Scalability
  • Manual or Automated Control


Routing & Multiviewer

  • SD/HD/3G/UHD
  • SDI/ST2110
  • 16×16 – 160×160
  • Software defined
  • Ultriscape Multiviewer with Closed Captioning


Signal Processing

  • Loudness Processing
  • Dolby Encoding
  • Watermarking
  • SCTE 104
  • Format Conversion
  • Distribution


Signal Processing (Software)

Broadcast Audio Processor

  • Loudness Processing
  • Dolby Encoding
  • Watermarking

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