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At Ross Video, we take innovation seriously. We’re the world leader in Video Production Technology because we’re constantly looking forward. We invest over 20% of our annual revenue in research and development to continually enhance our current offerings and develop breakthrough products and technologies.

Our RossCare Extended Coverage Program (ECP) ensures that you can take advantage of these investments. Our software maintenance & hardware warranty programs coupled with an honorable Service Level Agreement, makes RossCare truly an end-to-end coverage solution fit. We can provide peace of mind by ensuring that your systems are up-to-date and that any hardware issues are fixed ASAP with limited downtime.

Our RossCare Extended Coverage Program (ECP) is a blend of product and service – eligible software maintenance and hardware warranty, as well as our Service Level Agreement, all in one.

Software Maintenance

RossCare keeps your software current and up to date with the latest features, versions, improvements, and third-party interfaces.

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Hardware Warranty

RossCare extended hardware warranties help you avoid downtime and get you back online as soon as possible if issues occur.

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Service Level Agreement

Our SLA outlines the details of the RossCare program and goes in-depth on the support services that we offer as part of the coverage agreement.

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Having a problem with your Ross product? Our world-class support team will help get you back online as quickly as possible. If you’re a Ross customer, you can always call in to our tech support team 24/7, even if you opt out of purchasing extended coverage.

To reach Tech Support, please visit our Customer Support page,
call 1-613-686-1557 or 1-833-859-0499,
or email at techsupport@rossvideo.com.

If you need a superior, à la carte support package with customized, premiere offerings to better fit your needs, let’s talk. Additional offerings include a technical services account manager assignment, onsite health checks, critical response times above and beyond our standard SLA contract etc. Please contact the Renewal Team at RSS@rossvideo.com to get in touch. To view the RossCare SLA Agreement PDF, click here.


Consistent Term with One Renewal Date

Reduce your renewal management and administration costs by choosing one date to end all your warranty periods on the same schedule. For no additional administrative fee, the first annual term of each new piece of equipment can be extended to match your current coverage periods. In other words, you pay a pro-rated amount to align all the dates to a consistent renewal cycle.


Change of Ownership

Thinking of selling your equipment? The remainder of your RossCare coverage agreement is fully transferable to the new owner.


Lapsed Coverage?

The lapsed period begins when your factory coverage period ends. If extended software maintenance or hardware warranty is not purchased by the end date of the factory coverage period (within the 1-year of ownership of the goods) then there will be ‘lapsed’ coverage owed.

For more information concerning RossCare coverage, do not hesitate to get in touch by contacting RSS@rossvideo.com.

To learn more about product-specific software maintenance and hardware warranty options, click here. For frequently asked questions about the RossCare program, click here.