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Keep it Clean

The world’s most popular profanity elimination delay has been upgraded! Introducing our next-generation AirCleaner-2 featuring a completely new hardware platform with greatly enhanced capabilities.

Eliminate unexpected obscenities, tasteless content, or sudden carnage from live broadcasts and webcasts while maintaining program continuity—with a flexible, feature-rich digital delay that provides a variety of video and audio concealment techniques.

Keep it Clean

Eliminate nudity, offensive language, and obscene gestures from live broadcasts and webcasts while maintaining program continuity.

Two-Button Control

Straight-forward to control with two large panic buttons—one for audio (red) and one for video (yellow)—simply press & hold to clean up your broadcast.

Share the Load

Supports dual-user operations for high-profile events, with unique settings to accommodate each operator’s reaction time.

Hide Content Smoothly

The audience experience is minimally interrupted with subtle yet effective video and audio concealment techniques.

Reaction Time Compensation

Compensates for the reaction time of human operators to an observed visual or sound event, ensuring all unwanted content is cleanly concealed in its entirety.

System Redundancy

Modern hardware technology equipped with automatic bypass circuity and hot-swap redundant power supplies ensures the integrity of your live broadcasts and webcasts.

Now available in 4K UHD!

New and existing AirCleaner-2 customers can now purchase and install a one-time 4K UHD software license, to enable their AirCleaner system to delay a 4K UHD video signal via 12G SDI I/Os.

AirCleaner-2 Overview Video

AirCleaner profanity elimination delay provides an electronic insurance policy against broadcasting offensive content to your broadcast audiences.


Simple Setup

It’s easy to get started with AirCleaner.

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Concealment Choices

Program AirCleaner-2 to produce a variety of concealment effects for both video and audio.

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Reaction Compensation

To compensate for the reaction time of human operators, AirCleaner-2 features AutoCleanTM.

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Auto Bypass & Redundancy

AirCleaner-2 easily handles on-air ‘bloopers’ and is designed to withstand any ‘behind the scenes’ emergencies.

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Control Panel

The robust AirCleaner-2 control panel features two large “Panic Buttons” for straightforward control.

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Dual User Architecture

Employ video and audio delay for two operators to provide extra ‘concealment security’ during high-profile events.

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Dashboard Panels

Two DashBoard panels are included with the purchase of AirCleaner-2, and run on any remote computer that’s on the same network as the AirCleaner-2 chassis.

AirCleaner-2 Config Panel

Provides remote control over all configuration and setup parameters of the AirCleaner-2 main chassis.

AirCleaner-2 Control Panel

Provides operational remote control of the AirCleaner-2, replicating the simple functionality of the AirCleaner hardware control panel.

Ross Video Communities!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.

New Enhancement to Audio Concealments

Two new enhancements were recently added to the selection of AirCleaner-2 audio concealment effects:

  • Selective-Track Audio Jumble: Applies the unique Audio Jumble concealment effect only to specified audio tracks; all other audio tracks pass through AirCleaner-2 unaltered.

  • Selective-Track Audio Swapping: Conceals unwanted audio by swapping specified audio tracks with defined audio tracks that are being fed ‘sound effects’ or ‘muted audio’; all other audio tracks pass through AirCleaner-2 unaltered.


Choose from three separate AirCleaner-2 models—each providing three sets of maximum delay times for all HD and optional UHD-4K video standards—as shown in the table below.

At any time after delivery, if the need arises to increase the delay time of your Model A or Model B system—no problem! Simply purchase an ‘AirCleaner-2 Model Upgrade’ and then install that upgrade over the internet! Model upgrading couldn’t be any easier!


720p | 1080i 1080p 2160p
AirCleaner-2 Model-A 80s 40s 10s
AirCleaner-2 Model-B 160s 80s 20s
AirCleaner-2 Model-C 360s 180s 45s

* Maximum Delay Times shown in Seconds for the 59.94 frame rate


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