Studio Robotic Control Systems


 Feature DashBoard Plugins for Robotic and Camera Control Vision[Ai]ry Ft SmartShell
  PTZ Plugin Camera Plugin PT Plugin
Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus Control  Yes    Yes    Yes
Iris Control  Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes
Track or Floor (XY)/Lift Control         Yes
Automated Framing       Yes  
Physical joystick panel USB Panel (Optional) USB Panel (Optional) USB Panel (Optional) USB Panel (Optional) SmartShell Control Panel (included)
Joystick configuration (damping, speed, invert, zoomvar)     Yes   Yes
Camera shading (white balance, black levels, RGB gain, etc.) Yes Yes      
Camera setup (Exposure, format, noise filter, etc.) Yes Yes      
Add/edit/recall/delete Presets Yes   Yes Recall Yes
Add/edit/recall/delete Moves         Yes
View/set/clear temporary Axis limits     Set/clear   Yes
Camera Selection buttons USB Panel Yes USB Panel Yes Yes
Multi-Camera Shot Matrix         Yes
Thumbnails         Yes
Notification zone         Yes
Logging         Yes
Router control       Yes Yes
Preview Video       Yes External Monitor (optional)
3rd Party PTZ support Yes       Yes Via Plugin
Camera support (AcidCam & 3rd Party)   Yes Via Plugin   Yes Via Plugin

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