Data-Driven Weather Graphics


Raiden is a transformative weather graphics solution that empowers newsrooms to elevate their storytelling with more engaging weather and climate content.

Unlock the power of weather storytelling

Powered by XPression, Raiden combines data gathering, processing, and visualization tools to create stunning content.  

With seamless integration into existing news station workflows, it allows weather teams to generate content quickly and easily from a single graphics platform.

Why Choose Raiden?

Seamless Collaboration

Streamline newsroom workflows for meteorologists, producers, and designers to craft dynamic, appealing weather content together.

Produce Anywhere, Anytime

Easily access and prepare weather graphics from any location with Raiden’s web-based story creation tool.

Immersive Weather Stories

Transform weather segments into dynamic, visually compelling experiences using Ross Video’s cutting-edge graphics technology.

Explore the Solution

Raiden’s powerful toolset enables meteorologists and content creators to produce the most compelling weather content.

Data Aggregation

Raiden acquires, processes, and visualizes preferred weather data from a wide range of sources for the XPression graphics engine.

Story Creation

A web-based tool enables users to quickly build or update a weather story and rundown from anywhere for live production.

Graphics Integration

An XPression Plugin with DataLinq™ enables broadcasters to design and operate their news and weather content from one single graphics engine.


Web-Based Workstation

A user-friendly web interface enables meteorologists to build weather stories anywhere with an internet connection. Users can build complete weathers stories online, save templates and reuse predefined layouts for improved newsroom efficiency.

Data Agnostic

Seamless integration with various data sources, ensures compatibility with different forecasting models. Forecast editing capabilities allow meteorologists to fine-tune predictions as needed.

Forecast Animations

Dynamic 3D maps and customizable annotations for enhanced visual presentation of forecasts.

XPression DataLinq™ Integration

Use existing design and control workflows to build new and unique data-driven graphics.

MOS-Enabled Workflows

Integration with MOS (Media Server Object) devices for enhanced workflow efficiency and broader weather content use.

Flexible Hosting Options

Various hosting options are available, including on-premise, virtual, hybrid, and cloud hosting, to support different organizational preferences, security requirements, and scalability needs.

Digital Weather Content

Generate weather content for web, mobile, and OTT (Over-the-Top) applications, ensuring that forecasts and weather stories can reach audiences across different digital platforms.


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