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Expand Your Canvas

As video displays for sports venues, concerts, studios and corporate presentations reach unprecedented scales in size and resolution, audiences continue to demand top-tier video quality.

To support these demands, the next-generation Mosaic Video Image Processor has been designed to provide the highest quality video content across the largest displays

Unparalled Image Quality

Mosaic seamlessly adapts video to displays of massive scale, delivering unparalleled image quality with pixel-perfect accuracy on screens exceeding 49 million pixels in UHD mode or 20 million pixels in HD mode.

Ultra Low Latency

Mosaic excels in IMAG and live video environments. Audio and video elements are in sync, fostering an immersive and harmonious experience for your audience.

Multi-Screen Mastery

Whether you are weaving a single large display or feeding multiple screens throughout your venue, Mosaic can help you create a fully immersive visual environment.

Choose your Platform

Mosaic is available on two hardware platforms.

As part of the Hyperconverged platform, Ultrix Carbonite Mosaic can be licensed on a Software Defined Production Engine (SDPE) blade. This enables the SDPE Blade to run as an Acuity ME, Carbonite Production Switcher, or Mosaic Screen Processing.

Carbonite Ultra Mosaic can be licensed on the Carbonite Ultra platform. This gives users the choice to deploy the 1RU frame as a Carbonite Switcher or as Mosaic Screen Processing.


Fully Integrated LED Content Management System

Pair Mosaic with XPression Tessera graphics engine, and you get an industry-leading LED Content Management System that delivers high-quality video alongside pixel-accurate graphics. Add DashBoard control software to the mix to achieve complete control over all your displays and layouts. Mosaic can also be integrated with any pixel-accurate media system.


Ultrix Carbonite
Carbonite Ultra
I/O* 22 x 18** 18 x 18** 24 x 10 18 x 10
Canvases 5 2 5 2
Tiles (MiniMes) 10 6 10 6
Background Layers per Tile


Key Layers per Tile


2D DVE 18 8 18 8
Input FSFC* Up to 22 Up to 4 Up to 34*** Up to 7
Input PACC* Up to 22 Up to 4 Up to 34*** Up to 7
Output PACC* UltriProc Up to 34*** Up to 7
Output Splicers 10 6 10 6
MultiViewer* Ultriscape Up to 2 I/O (HD)
Up to 1 I/O (UHD)
*Additional licenses required
**Eighteen inputs from Ultrix; four direct SDI inputs from SDPE blade. No direct outputs from SDPE blade
***Assignable to either inputs or outputs


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