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Make Anything Happen Anywhere

Put your reporter at the top of a mountain. Put your anchor in the middle of a football field. Add giant robots to your news set. Showcase a keynote by building a virtual set for your CEO. By harnessing the world’s most powerful and realistic renderer for broadcast and live events, Voyager gives you the power to create stunning virtual environments using Augmented Reality, Virtual Studio and XR Virtual LED workflows without Unreal Engine expertise.

Voyager supports customization, flexibility, and scalability in terms of the number of cameras and graphics engines through the integration with Lucid Studio. Let your imagination run free.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Voyager uses the Unreal gaming engine by Epic games, the leading gaming engine in the industry with thousands of developers worldwide.

Photorealistic Graphics Capabilities

The Unreal4 gaming engine utilizes advanced graphics features like particles, dynamic texture, real-time reflections and shadows, skeleton animation, and cloth animation. As a result of its extensive graphics feature set, designers can achieve realistic looks with greater accuracy and ease than ever before.

Ease of Operation

Voyager uses the Lucid Studio control platform as its operator friendly front end and doesn’t require the operator to be an experienced Unreal4 user or designer.

Flexible Workflow

With Lucid Studio and Lucid Track, any combination of tracking devices, protocols, camera mounts, and engines is achievable within the same environment.

Workflow and Connectivity

Through Lucid Studio, Voyager supports external data connectivity, seamless integration with MOS based newsroom systems and enables triggering from studio automation systems.

Real-Time Reactiveness

Voyager enables real time control over scene elements, in PIE mode, without the need to package the project to go on-air.

Unreal® is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere

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