Stand Alone Infrastructure

Point of Use Mini Converters

Ross Video offers point of use mini converters including GearLite, Iggy, and Newt. GearLite solutions are rugged throw-down modules built to the same standards as openGear. Iggy is a compact and flexible live audio-over-IP bridge that supports various audio interface standards, and Newt is an adaptable device that bridges Quad-SDI and HDMI 2.0 interfaces to ST2110 media streams while supporting various open standards protocols.


Gearlite point-of-use mini converters are small, throwdown modules that deploy where you need them, built to the same exacting standards as our openGear solutions.


The IGGY family of compact, broadly interoperable, and flexible live audio-over-IP bridges support a variety of audio interface standards. IGGY’s convenient form factor provides incredible flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly deploy IP audio bridging wherever you need it – studio, truck, on-stage, or in a fly-pack.


Newt adapts to our rapidly changing IP environments, bridging Quad-SDI and HDMI 2.0 interfaces to JT-NM tested ST2110 media streams. Newt is fluent in NMOS, EmBER+, and DashBoard open standards protocols giving you the freedom to use it in the IP environment of your choice.

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