March 2, 2022

Ross Video and its CEO of Ukrainian Heritage to Donate $100,000 to Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Efforts, Sever All Business with Russia and Call on Other CEOs to Help

March 2, 2022, Ottawa, Ontario – Ross Video strongly condemns Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and is supporting humanitarian relief efforts.

Last week, prior to international sanctions being imposed, Ross halted all shipments to Russia and severed support for Ross products already in the country. 

Since then, the world has been horrified by Russia’s illegal and deadly incursions into sovereign Ukrainian territory.

As a concrete act of support, Ross is making a $100,000 donation in support of humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

“As a company, we rarely comment on geopolitical affairs. However, we are compelled to support the Ukrainian people and their remarkable efforts to defend their homeland,” says David Ross, CEO Ross Video. “Like hundreds of thousands of other Canadians, I am proud of my Ukrainian heritage. I simply cannot sit idly by while President Putin’s forces attack cities, civilians, and democracy itself.”

He adds: “I encourage other Canadian business leaders and anyone who has the means to condemn this invasion and to provide meaningful financial support to Ukraine. Together, we can make a difference and send a strong message to President Putin and those still supporting him.”

About Ross Video

Ross Video provides technology and services for live and broadcast video production with offices around the world and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

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