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With the DashBoard control software from Ross, you gain complete and total control of any sports venue so you can focus more on the fan experience and less on how many clicks it takes to get there.

It can be overwhelming to manage multiple internal LED displays, concourse feeds, and external displays – not to mention third-party devices like video processors, LED lighting, audio systems, and projection systems. By programming custom DashBoard panels to trigger any number of devices, it becomes simple to control your entire facility with precise event timing. It also allows the system to be scalable by creating different control panels for various events, regardless of size.

Truist Park Success Story

Learn how the staff at Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia use custom DashBoard panels to control a variety of elements within their venue, including displays, water cannons, mechanical signage, field and accent LED lighting systems, LED lighting fixtures, and audio playback.

DashBoard Lets You Control it All!

DashBoard custom panels streamline match-day operations while elevating the fan experience.

From managing scores & statistics to triggering team entrance hype sequences and fully synchronized venue takeovers, DashBoard lets in-venue production teams control complex elements with the simple click of a button!

Download DashBoard

DashBoard is a free application, designed for the openGear® platform.
Feeling adventurous? You can download the BETA version here.

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