Standards Conversion

High-quality, motion-adaptive frame-rate conversion provides high-end results without the high-end price for HD and UHD alike.


GATOR’s framerate conversion offers 4K standards conversion in addition to supporting popular HD formats. Integrated into the format conversion engine, the standards converter allows format scaling, deinterlacing and framerate conversion in a single pipeline, truly offering any-to-any video format bridging. This unified process also provides format conversion and standards conversion at a minimal latency of 2 input fields (interlace) / 2 frames (progressive) with full conversion quality; there is no tradeoff required between latency and quality required!

Based on decades of standard conversion experience, GATOR offers the most advanced motion-adaptive linear framerate conversion available today providing you with the very best standards conversion at an affordable price.

Supported Formats


  • Convert incoming remote feeds
  • Utilize legacy HD material in UHD programming
  • Distribute UHD 4K content to HD channels
  • Integrate HD venue cameras into UHD 4K production
  • Accept a wide range of signals in your mobile & flypack

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