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When you need a workhorse video server for a variety of live production needs — such as recording one or more live video streams, playing key & fill animated elements, time-slipping a live feed, playing synchronized animated loops into multiple on-set displays, presenting playlists of content to a live audience, and much more — Tria+ will be your hero!

Featuring flexible, instantly reconfigurable video channels, a highly intuitive user interface, terabytes of internal RAID-protected media storage, and a wide variety of remote-controlled abilities, Tria+ is specifically designed for a huge variety of live television and live webcasting production environments.

Your live productions will have significantly improved audience appeal with Tria+ in the mix!

Four • Eight • Twelve

Tria+ features bi-directional video channels, with each channel capable of either record or play functionality. Channels come in groups of four, and Tria+ can be purchased with either four, eight or twelve channel to best match your live presentation needs.


We get it. Mountains of money depend on the integrity of your live productions — and happily, Tria+ rises to the challenge!  Tria+ is built with hardware-based, real-time media processing engines, ensuring your live productions will NEVER suffer from video playout stutters, audio dropouts, user interface freezes, or unexpected hang-ups.

Protected to the Max

Maximum system reliability is ensured with dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supply modules that protect against power supply failures.

Professional Quality

Tria+ employs the ‘mezzanine-quality’ AVC-Intra Class 100 video codec and features uncompressed digital audio with 24-bit resolution and 48kHz sampling.

These technical specs ensure your live productions will always look their best — with crisp, clean, and clear visuals and impactful audio clarity.

Single Clip Workflow

The native Video+Key+Audio” (VKA) architecture of Tria+ unifies these three media elements into a single clip asset.

This eliminates the need to create, manage, import, and control two separate assets for each ‘Fill+Key’ element. This feature alone will dramatically simplify your pre-production and live operations.

Media Files Galore!

Integrated media file import tools in Tria+ dramatically streamline file-based workflows — and support a huge variety of media file codecs and wrappers.

Ingested media files are automatically transcoded, resized, and have the frame rate adjusted to match the active operational video standard of the Tria+ video server during file import

Live Productions Realized

Tria+ supports live production workflows by including several built-in User applications specifically tailored for live environments:

This User application provides all live production capabilities and functionality. You can use any number of available video channels in Tria+ to perform a variety of live recording, media playout, time-slipping, clip trimming, and media file export operations — all executed from this highly intuitive, straight-forward, and yet comprehensive user interface.

The built-in Media File Import tool with multiple Watch Folder functionality will ingest, transcode, resize, and convert the frame rate of a huge variety of media files — without the use of a video channel thereby allowing you to dedicate all your server’s expensive video channels to live recording and playback tasks.

Get more out of Tria+ with multi-server content sharing workflows for larger events and remote productions. 10-Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports provides higher-connectivity bandwidth for sharing files between servers, high-performance network storage, and large-capacity file transfers.

This powerful feature operates while capturing one or more live video sources. It works by writing a continuously growing AVC-Intra Class 100 MXF media file for each live recording stream onto external network attached storage (NAS) — including any of the affordable Ross EVO Signature Series storage solutions.

From there, edit systems capable of editing with growing source files that are also connected to the NAS can begin editing with these growing files, even while live capture is still underway. This incredibly streamlined ‘live editing workflow’ saves both time and money; and gets your polished content played to air faster than ever before!

Ross Video Communities!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.

Ross DashBoard Integration

As a standard feature, Tria+ is tightly integrated within the Ross DashBoard ecosystem:

When Tria+ is added to the Basic Tree View in Ross DashBoard, the frame will immediately present multiple control panels that serve a variety of uses. You can control video channels in Tria+ using the ‘Explorer’ panel, or build simple, drag-and-drop custom panels using the ‘Palette’ panel.

In addition to pre-made control panels, connecting DashBoard to Tria+ provides a plethora of commands and parameters that can be used to construct sophisticated, customized control solutions known as ‘Custom Panels’.

By combining remote controls & parameter data from Tria+ with those of other Ross Video products, you can create unique and quite powerful solutions that are customized to your operational environment.

Software Downloads

Be sure to download the latest software upgrades for Tria+ and take advantage of the most up-to-date feature additions as soon as they are released.

Comprehensive Remote Control

Tria+ supports multiple remote-control protocols, providing tight integration not only with Ross switchers, but also with a broad range of third-party switchers.

Most professional switcher manufacturers (including Ross) have integrated remote-control over Tria+ directly from the switcher’s control panel, which enables advanced features such as clip library review, clip selection, clip & playlist loading, and baseband live recording.

This level of tight integration between Tria+ and your production switcher simplifies your live production workflows and greatly reduces the possibility of on-air operational errors.

When Tria+ video channels are connected to a production switcher via dedicated RS-422 or networked Ethernet, the integrated system becomes even more productive.

Video+Key+Audio (VKA) clip loading and playback in Tria+ can be combined with production switcher transitions and effects, all effortlessly controlled directly from the production switcher’s control surface.

With a comprehensive remote-control interface abilities and the fastest “load & play” response time possible, you can calmly rely upon Tria+ during those hectic moments of your live productions.


All Tria+ Production servers are fitted with the AVC-Intra Class 100 native recording & playout video codec, which supports these video standards:

Supported Video Standards
UHD 4K Video 2160p /50 /59.94
HD Video 1080p /23.98 /24 /25 /29.97 /30 /50 /59.94 /60
1080i /50 /59.94
720p /50 /59.94
Media Storage Options
01 – Storage Option 720p/1080i @100Mb/s (2.4TB SSD @RAID-5) = 40-Hours
1080p @200Mb/s (2.4TB SSD @RAID-5) = 20-Hours
2160p @800Mb/s (2.4TB SSD @RAID-5) = 10-Hours
02 – Storage Option 720p/1080i @100Mb/s (4.8TB SSD @RAID-5) = 80-Hours
1080p @200Mb/s (4.8TB SSD @RAID-5) = 40-Hours
2160p @800Mb/s (4.8TB SSD @RAID-5) = 20-Hours
-05 = Storage Option 720p/1080i @100Mb/s (28.8TB SSD @RAID-5) = 480-Hours
1080p @200Mb/s (28.8TB SSD @RAID-5) = 240-Hours
2160p @800Mb/s (28.8TB SSD @RAID-5) = 60-Hours



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