PIVOTCam Cameras

In production from 2016 to 2021


Documentation for the PIVOTCam and PIVOTCam SE can be found here:

Software Downloads

Software for PIVOTCam can be found here:

  • Version: 1.2.7
  • File Size: 1.5 MB
  • Requirements: DashBoard 8.3.1 or higher.

Additional Downloads:

PIVOTCam Camera Panel Quick Start Guide

• Open the PIVOTCam Camera Panel by double clicking the icon. This will open DashBoard and load the PIVOTCam Camera Panel

• Press the Config Cameras button in the top left corner

• Press the Add button to add a camera to the list. For each camera enter in the IP Address for the serial to IP converter, as well as the port number that the camera is connected to. – If the cameras are set up in a Daisy-Chain configuration, enter the Chain Address for each camera (from 1 to 7)

• Select Apply in the bottom left to exit this screen

• Move the camera to the desired position

• Press the Store Shots button on the left hand side and then press the shot button in the center you want the shot stored to

• To name the shot press the Rename Shots button on the left and then press the shot button in the center that you want to rename

• Change the camera you are controlling by choosing the desired camera from the buttons along the top of the interface

Additional instructions, including storing more than 100 shots, virtual joystick control of the camera and control of camera color parameters can be learned in the PIVOTCam Camera Panel User Guide.

Video Tutorials (PIVOTCam U)

Tutorials for PIVOTCam can be found here:

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