Format Conversion

Up, down and cross conversion for HD and UHD 4K. Featuring advanced de-interlacing and motion-adaptive scaling for pristine results.


GATOR features adaptive de-interlacing for optimal conversion of moving and static image elements. Our unique algorithms automatically detect motion within the scene and adapt the best de-interlacing strategy to each region, including automatic cadence detection. The advanced scaler provides superior results in scaling up and down challenging images providing you with the best image quality possible. The low-latency UHD-native processor supports HD and UHD image formats with no compromise in quality, regardless of format.

Supported Formats

The following conversions are supported by the format converter. For a wider range of formats and standards conversions, the Framerate Conversion option may be added.


  • Convert incoming remote feeds
  • Utilize legacy HD material in UHD programming
  • Distribute UHD 4K content to HD channels
  • Integrate HD venue cameras into UHD 4K production
  • Accept a wide range of signals in your mobile & flypack

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